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Frequently asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sheepie® Products

Which roof tent suits me?

Which rooftop tent suits you best depends on a number of factors: how many people you are traveling with, what kind of car you have and, of course, your budget.

Please visit your local roof tent specialist. They know exactly which Sheepie tent is suitable.

What accessories do I need?

Well, that’s a good question. We recommend at least an anti-condensation mat. Then you have a good basis for camping. Then we recommend going out for a short camping trip, see what you’re missing and find out which Sheepie accessories suit you.

See all Sheepie accessories

Where can I purchase a Sheepie product?

We have a wide range of dealers in and around Europe. Please visit the ‘Where to buy’ page to see which official Sheepie dealer is nearby.

No dealer around? Most of our dealers ship our tents.

Can i buy directly at Sheepie?

Sheepie does not sell products directly to the end user. An authorized Sheepie dealer is your first point of contact for purchasing a Sheepie product.

You can find the nearest dealer or service point here.

Will a sheepie Rooftop tent fit on my car?

We cannot give you a definitive answer whether our rooftop tents will fit your particular vehicle due to the sheer number of racks and vehicle models on the market. The main requirements are that your vehicle’s roof and load bars have a dynamic weight load of 55 to 80kg (see weights of the tents) and that your load bars are at least 70 cm apart. You can find your vehicle’s roof dynamic weight load in your vehicle’s user manual, or alternatively by contacting the manufacturer.

Sheepie® Usage

Is a Sheepie tent easy to set up?

Sheepie rooftop tents are designed for quick and comfortable camping. All of our rooftop tents can be set up within 2 minutes. Folding down is also quick and easy. Regular rooftop tents have an internal frame, so the tent canvas tends to stick out when folding down. The Yuna and Jimba Jimba rooftop tents have an external frame which solves this issue, so you can get back on the road within 3 minutes.

Is the hardware for mounting a Sheepie rooftop tent included?

Yes. The mounting kit is typically located in the front pocket of the tent along with a tool kit. The only thing you need are 2 load bars for your car.

My Load Bars have maximum load of 80kg, how can we sleep on there?

Most load bars only specify their dynamic weight load, which is the weight they can carry when you’re driving (i.e. if your load bars have a dynamic weight load of 75 kg, you shouldn’t put anything heavier than that on your bars when your vehicle is in motion). Because other forces (wind, braking, bumps, etc.) are at work when you’re driving, the static weight load (weight limit when you’re parked) is actually much higher than the dynamic weight load.

Which side of the car is the ladder on?

The great thing about Sheepie® rooftop tents is that you are flexible in this regard. You can choose which side of the car you place the entrance on. In other words, there is no front or back in terms of direction of travel.

Sheepie® Maintenance

How should I store my rooftop tent long term?

There are several recommended ways to store your tent, but first be sure the tent is completely dry.

If you have to fold the rooftop tent down while it’s still wet, always open it up and dry it immediately upon returning home. Mold and mildew can form if the tent is left closed too long while wet or damp.

When removing your tent always get another person to assist you. This will help prevent you from injury and possibly damaging your vehicle. If you have to remove the tent yourself, a hoist system of some sort is recommended. There are several kayak hoist systems that would work great for this.

If you have to take the tent off and store it in your garage, make sure you never set the tent down on the cement which could damage the exterior PVC cover. Always use a foam pad to set the tent on, and yes, it’s okay to set most models on their side.

One thing most people don’t think of, is wrapping the tent up in a tarp to prevent rodents from damaging the fabric. The best recommendation is to wrap the tent in stretch wrap to protect the fabric from moisture, dust, and critters.

Sheepie® B2B

How do I become a dealer?

If you are interested in becoming an authorized Sheepie® retailer you must have a business license (issued by your local government) and a retail storefront.

Are you interested in the distribution of our products? Do you have exhibition facilities? Then fill in the form.

Why is Sheepie the ideal rooftop tent

  • Sheepie® rooftop tents are very easy to install onto your vehicle, straight from the box. In other words, there’s no kit that you have to assemble in advance.
  • The best price-quality rooftop tent on the market. That’s what your customer is looking for.
  • Many spare parts; Sheepie® has a wide range of spare parts. Our tents have a modular structure, so everything can be replaced if needed.
  • Lots of stock and good, reliable delivery
  • Very flexible team

I want to rent out the tents, is that possible with Sheepie tents?

Our rooftop tents are ideal for rental. Virtually no loose parts, so almost nothing can go missing. They are ideal for a very wide range of vehicles, and they are lightweight.

In short, a friend to everyone.